Beretta 690 Sporting Black



The Beretta 690 Sporting Black Over/Under Shotgun was made with a low profile receiver to provide the fast swing and enhanced point ability for shooters aiming to win sporting clay competitions. At the heart of the 690’s quick and instinctive shooting are opposing trunnions mounted on the receiver walls where the barrels pivot, thus eliminating the need for bulky underhooks to form a hinge.Grab the best Beretta Hunting and Skeet Shooting Shotguns and More  Other Shotguns  pistols for great prices here at GUN HUSTLE online store .buy 690 sporting Black online,order 690 sporting Black online,

  • CONDITION: Fairly New
  • MODEL: 690 sporting Black
  • GAUGE: 12
  • BARREL LENGTH:  inches
  • WEIGHT : 6.3 lbs
  • LENGTH: inches
  • CHAMBER: 3 inches
  • ACTION: Over and Under
  • CHOKE: Five Beretta Optima Chokes
  • WARANTY: Life Time


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