Glock 21 Gen 4



The Glock 21 is a semi automatic pistol . It is valued as a service weapon (as its used by the Austrian military and police), a self-defense pistol, a weapon for learning how to shoot or for recreational shooting. It was made by famous Austrian arms manufacturer, Glock Ges.m.b.H, wh0’s  name inspires the handgun. Grab Your Fourth Generation( Gen 4) Glock pistol for a great price here GUN HUSTLE online store.G21 Gen 4,G21 ゲン4,G21 第 4 代


  • CONDITION: Fairly New
  • MODEL: G21 Gen 4
  • CALIBER: .40 ACP
  • CAPACITY: 13 ( Comes with two 13-round magazines)
  • LENGHT: 7.59 inches
  • HEIGHT:  5.47 inches
  • WIDTH: 1.27 inches
  • BARREL LENGTH: 4.60 inches
  • WEIGHT: 26.28 oz. unloaded
  • WARANTY: Life Time

G21 第 4 代


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