Some Question We Are Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at GUN HUSTLE ONLINE STORE we have sell brand new and fairly used  firearms that are have been thoroughly checked and given a pass to be sold in our store. Before issuing a price tag on a firearm, we take into consideration the state of that firearm first. But all in all, all the prices for our firearms are affordable for those who know real quality mossberg firearms and need them.

GUN HUSTLE offer fast and reliable shipping service to our customers as we are into partnership with reliable shipping agencies across the world to deliver with ease all firearms purchases  made by our customers . Our shipping procces usually takes 3 to 5 working days depending on the location of the customer. But we are asuring our customers of safe deliverly for all their purchases

GUN HUSTLE has a return policy in place for any and all cutomer/s who receives any  firearm from us that was  already defective or not working upon delivery. If a customer notice a firearm seems to not work properly or give the appropriate feel when handling the firearm, The customer should immediately contact us via live chat or our official email given in the contact page, with pictures of the defective or bad firearm and the time you noticed the probem. An exchange can only be accepted or done between firearms of the same caliber. No  upgrades or downgrades. Please check our return policy page for more.

Here at GUN HUSTLE Online Store, We make it our  priority to keep all personal infomations of our customers protected from scammers and online theft. We only give out personal informations only when the customer is a criminal and then we are forced by  the authories to give them info about this customers. So we urge ourcustomers to be careful with their  firearm according to the law of their various countrie.